Friday, May 27, 2016

The end of the year and the end of era

These past few weeks have been a whirl wind, not while I am in them, but when I actually look back and it flew!

The last week of school was interview week. To say that it has been stressful would be the understatement of the century. I loathe interviewing and I am the worst interviewer ever. In the world. I am the sweaty, nervous shaking girl who talks about nonsense, and people just smile and nod their heads.

So this week I had interview number one bright and early on Monday morning. I was jazzed! I practice all weekend. Made notes, googled every teacher interview question that existed. I was ready. Then I sat in the car in the parking lot of the school and I seriously thought I would barf.

This interview was for my DREAM job. The second I sat down in the "hot seat" every good thing I wanted to say, drifted out of my head. It was like an out of body experience. I could hear what I was saying and in my head I was telling myself, "Shut up girl, you are not making sense." But I just kept right on talking.

It was ten questions. Ten great questions that I would've dazzled them with. But no. I literally interview for 20 minutes and then thanked them and left. The second I got into the car I burst into tears. I blew it. Totally. It was my dream job and I didn't even fight for it.

Then I had to go back to school and teach hellions in their last week of school. No kidding, the bad kids were actually a welcome distraction from my bad interview. The next day I had another interview. Maybe not my dream job, but I have  good connection to this school and the people there. It's close to my house, the hours are better and it's 3rd grade. This time I would NOT fail!

This interview actually went really well. The panel of staff was super welcoming, I had a chance to look over the questions. I feel like I put my best foot forward and if I don't get it, it won't be because of a bad interview. It would be because there was someone far more qualified for it. I have not heard back from said school yet, but they said it would take a few more days.

That afternoon, when I got home from my interview, I had the rejection email from school #1. I was not surprised at all. Disappointed, yes, shocked, not so much. The next day I got a call from one of my friends and former colleagues' wife from school #1. She said the position that I did not receive was kind of a fluke, as the other candidate was a daughter of a teacher at the school. Then she said that there was another position opening and I should apply for it. Redemption! A second chance! So that will be going down as a phone interview next week, since we are in Nashville.

I had one last interview this morning at a school that it super close in location and demographic to my current school, only it's 3rd grade. Minus a torrential downpour and not being able to find the front door and interviewing looking like a drowned rat. It went surprisingly well and I would love to be at this school as well!! So many twists and turns when I opened this whole can of worms to switch to elementary!

My last week of  has been a roller coaster! On the school front, my year finished great with Field day and Movie afternoon with a GREAT group of kids! I was thankful to end such a crazy and tough year on an actual positive note.
Last day of 3rd grade!! She looks so tall and grown up!

Today was the last day for me and for Callie. It was so weird to clean up my classroom. I did not pack everything up. It's kind of like not packing my apartment when I didn't have a closing date on our house. I feel like if I pack up all of my stuff then I am really not coming back. It's the end of an era, well maybe. I could very well end up right back at my school next year if that's where God wants me, but until that is very apparent and clear I will keep plowing on trying to back to doing what I originally set out to do when I decided to be a teacher, teach little ones!

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