Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th, Y'all!!

This year was probably one of my favorite 4th of July's on record! It was truly so relaxing and just fun. We didn't do anything huge or exciting, it was just relaxing, family time!

Thank goodness for long weekends. I think that the 4th should always fall on or near to a weekend!

On Friday, I moved all my crap into my classroom!! Hurray! It's starting to feel real that I will not be going back to my old school and I am really teaching 2nd grade next year! I got to see my roster with all of the precious little names on it and  to see the space where I will be teaching with them next year and I am SO excited!

Saturday we had oh so many plans, but it rained. All. Morning. Long. So zero yard work was accomplished, no path was finished, no cool patio lights or misters were installed, sad times. But we did get to celebrate my sweet sister in law's birthday with a milk can stew. It sounds weird, but it's delicious, you cook veggies and sausage in a milk can, like the old ones, from the days of yore. And you just pop that on an open flame and then yummyness happens! It was a fun time and a great way to get the weekend going!

Sunday, we drove up to flatville to visit with Brien's family for the 4th/Phanneth's brother in law's birthday. It was a blast!

Grandma's pool has a spashpad, a baby pool, and a big pool! There was no shortage of food and yummy treats and drinks! Such a great time with family and friends!   

Uncle Joey probably threw this girl in the pool like 50 times! 

On actual 4th of July, we went to my aunt and uncles for a BBQ and it was also a blast. The kids had the slip and slide and water balloons going. My family recently discovered corn hole and we had to break in the new set. It was another great year with our sweet families!

On the way home Brien took a turn into a fireworks stand. Say what?!? Fireworks are illegal in our town, but for the last 3 nights it has sounded like we live in a war zone, so he felt pretty confident that we could do a few sparklers and fountains for the kids!

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening snacking on left overs and waiting for dark so we could do our fireworks! And also reminiscing about our first blind date on the 4th, 7 years ago!!
Finally that magical twilight hour happened and we had our mini display (it was pretty sad, I not gonna lie) I forgot how much I love fireworks! Kellen apparently was  HUGE fan as well! After we burned through ours, the kids were not ready to call it a night! It was perfect and warm, so we packed up our party animals and went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Most of our neighbors were launching their own as well, so we got multiple shows! No crowded big fireworks displays, no fighting through crowds and getting a spot and waiting for hours and then fighting traffic home. It was just so perfect! 
Happy 4th, Y'all!

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