Monday, July 18, 2016

Make something Monday: Masking Tape canvases!

This make something Monday is actually from last Monday! I have to do a workshop for school all week. I got to meet my team today and they are SO great! I am super jazzed to work with them this year! 

While, I am not super thrilled about spending one of the last precious weeks of summer away from my kiddos, at least it was a fun and productive day!

Also, I got Callie registered at my school! I am so excited that she will be going with me next year to my new school and we can have the same schedule and calendar. It is going to be great!

So last week, we tried a new craft that I have been wanting to try forever! The colors didn't come out quite as I had planned, but the kids loved it and now I just need a place to put it!

You need:
Canvases, we had some left over from a my photo canvas project last winter
Making or painters tape

Super easy. Tape off the canvas in a design that you like. I let Callie go to town on this part!
Then I let the kids paint. Each section we tried to paint a different color!
This was a struggle for my guy, who is used to finger painting, but he did GREAT!
After the paint has dried take off the tape and they are ready to display!
I wanted to use grey, yellow and navy, but the navy was not quite so navy. But it still came out so cute and they were SO proud of their art!

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