Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random Adventures in the Mountains!

This week has been fun, just fun. Tuesday some of our sweet friends came over to play. Wednesday I worked at school. All. Day. Long. 8:30-5. Like a real grown up who works in the summer!

I got SO much planning done for the year! I learned how to give all of the assessments that 2nd grade administers the first week of school and I learned so, SO much about next year!

Thursday, we were on a mission! Callie's grandparents from Texas have a condo in the mountains near Silverthorne. Awhile back they found out there was so water damage and it was pretty extensive so their entire condo had to be pretty much demoed and put back together. The finishing date keeps getting pushed back further and further and there has been no way to check the progress.

So yesterday our secret mission was to document a visit to the condo and investigate what had been accomplished. Don't I sound like I belong in the FBI or something?? I should have been a spy!

Anywho, so I asked my parents who are off this week to accompany me to the mountains for the day to complete our task and maybe play a little bit!

My mom was feeling a little wimpy, so it was me, my dad, Callie, Kellen and our cousin Carter making the journey.

I just love the mountains so darn much!! I wish that we lived closer. I would probably make an effort to go more. I mean we live in colorado and we hardly ever get to the mountains. It's kind of sad really.

So the condo was a hot mess express! There is no way that it can be ready by the time Callie's grandparents come at the end of July...
After our photo shoot investigation, it was time to have some fun! We headed back down the mountain to Dillon and the kids played and played!
They have an amazing park and the weather was PERFECT!

The kids had a blast throwing rocks in the lake and splashing around!

My dad took his first selfie!

After the park we made our way back to Idaho Springs to have pizza at the famous Beau Jo's! The pizza did not disappoint and Callie was all about slathering her crust in honey! (Okay...I was too)
We were sitting right in front of a big window, Kellen was quite entertained and entertaining by waving to everyone who passed by!

After lunch we were walking back to the car and we spotted a train! Kellen was in heaven!
Pure joy right here! The only disappointment was that he couldn't go in, I mean it was a train from the 1860's! 

They had a blast climbing all over the train!

After the trains we headed back down to the city. At one point my dad and I looked back and every single kid was out cold! Finally, something to wear them out! So our random mission to the mountains was successful and fun! I can't wait to go back again!

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