Friday, July 1, 2016

Adventures in Southern Colorado

Last Friday my mister had a random day off and we had big plans to take the kids somewhere fun. So the night before we paged through of our list of places we want to take them, and we decided on the Punch Bowls in Colorado Springs.

It's a really cool trail my best friends and I hiked on summer when we were home from college. It has these cool springs and I was thinking the kids would be able to splash in them after our hike. The next morning we set off on our Adventure. While we were sitting in the driveway I googled the directions and it was saddest day, the trail we were planning on going on was closed for the season, due to fires like 4 years ago and had never reopened. Bummer!

So I asked Brien what we should do and he said, "We are winging it!" Callie made the decision to drive south so that's where we ended up!

We randomly pulled off at an exit and ended up in Larkspur which is the cutest little town ever!
We pulled over and hiked around Palmer Lake and it was so lovely!

After a lovely time at the lake we headed further south and decided to take the kids to Garden of The Gods. Brien and I have been here several times, but we have never taken the kiddos. Lemme' tell you, it was packed! We couldn't even get into the big parking lot and had to drive all around, park far away and then hike into the park. It was a process, but we made it! And it was totally worth it!
It was quite the hike and we discovered that Kellen HATES to be carried on anyone's shoulders and that Callie is born rock climber with those long arms and legs!

Such a pretty place!!

Some nice family from Texas took this picture for us!

Kellen had to be a mountain climber just like his big sister!
It is seriously so cool here! 
After a loonnngg hike, Kellen was starting to get fussy from the heat and the walking we decided it was time to grab some lunch and head back to the city. 

On our way back home we drove past, wait for it... Taco Bueno!! I had no idea they even had one in Colorado Springs! So Callie decided that we had to stop at this Texas Delicacy and introduce Brien and Kellen to the wonderful world of Taco Beeno! (as Callie called it when she was little) Oh, how I missed party burritos! Yummy oh!

After a fun and adventurous day we headed home back to the big city. It was so fun to be in nature and just get away for the day! Yay for family adventures!

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