Monday, July 11, 2016

Make something Monday: The chalkboard tutorial

This was another project that in reality should have taken like 2 days at most, that has spanned like 3!

I saw a cool pinterest pin like 2 years ago for an outdoor chalkboard and I thought, "Cool! My kids would love that!" but it sat unmade on my outdoors board forever.
Callie loves to play school and "teach" Kellen a variety of things, so I thought this would be a fun thing to have outside for them!

It's pretty easy to throw together and I had all of the supplies! So it was almost free!
I used:
 1 sheet of cement shower board (like the kind you put in your shower before you tile it) We had some left over from the bathroom remodel last spring! Ours was a 3x5 foot sheet that we didn't need to do a thing to!
15 feet of moulding to make the border
chalkboard paint
foam roller
spray paint for the boarder
Saw to cut the moulding
nail or staple gun to make the frame and hang it!

Left over Moulding!

Left over Hardibacker board

I had my mister show me how to use the chop saw and cut the moulding, then I just laid them out the make sure that everything fit together! Check!

Next, I primed, just to make sure the chalkboard paint would stick!
I gave the primer a day to dry and then I cracked open a can of chalkboard paint and it was dust inside the can, dust! So that put my project on hold for the day.
The next day, after a trip to Lowe's, I was back at it! 

This was one coat!

The next day I painted a second coat and it came out great! I used a foam roller and it did a great job!
Next I spray painted 2 coats of high gloss red spray paint to withstand being outside!
Then I was all ready for assembly, but Brien had lent his nail gun to his brother and my project was put on hold until he got it back!

Soooo, three weeks later...Here is my finished product!! I love how it came out and as you can see it's already getting lots of use! I have some cute little tin cans to use as chalk holder and I need to get some hooks up on the fence for the kids to use! It came out so well and the kiddos love it!! 

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