Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time to read Tuesday: Book reviews!

We have actually have had some time to read this summer! I miss reading for fun so much and I have already gobbled up 3 books this summer with 3 more waiting on hold for me at the library.

I seriously prefer the library to buying books these days. Books are so expensive and let's be real how many times are you going to read them again, unless it's a really great book??

Here are my favorites this summer!
Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures such a great book! It follows a girl from being 9 years old on Wisconsin at her family farm and country playhouse theater to her rise to fame in Hollywood during the 1930's and 40's. It's a historical fiction book, I am not sure if it's based on an actual actress or not, but it's full of  drama and a super good read. I am sure that there are parts of it that are embellished, but I think it might give some real insight into what it's like to be under contract with a Hollywood studio and all of the crazy expectations that go with it. The main character kind of loses and gains her identity several times throughout the book and it is, of course, full of drama and loss. What book wouldn't be complete without conflict!

Wild is a true story and it is so good as well! I was sneaking this one all week trying to hide from my kids and read it uninterrupted! It's about how Cheryl Strayed loses her mother very suddenly to cancer and then kind of self destructs, she cheats on her husband, gets into drugs and all kinds of yucky stuff. Then she sees a hiking guide for the Pacific Crest Trail waiting in line at the store and decides to buy it. She gets this wild idea to solo hike thousands of miles from southern California to Washington. The books is a mixture of flashbacks and memories to her actual struggle on the trail. There are some parts that made me cringe thinking about the things that she went through on and off the trail, but it is so good, you don't want her journey to be over. There was a bunch of times, I thought, I could totally do that, but no, I probably would never make it. Such a great read!

The Chaperone Another historical fiction book, but this one actually was a true story and it was wonderful as well. It's about silent film star Louise Brooks chaperone. The story starts with Cora who is the chaperone, her kids are grown and she has nothing to do, so Louise's wealthy family hires her to accompany their 15 year old daughter to New York while she is auditioning for several weeks for a famous dance company. Turns out Cora has a mission of her own, she was actually born in New York and was an orphan on a train that was sent to Kansas and she wants to find her birth family or least find out what happened to them. There are some super sad parts, but it's a pretty great book with lots of plot twists that you don't see coming. I would highly recommend it!

So there you have it! Summer reading. Even though I get made fun of by my husband for being a nerd, I love reading and maybe, just maybe this year, I will keep it up and not just in the summer!

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