Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ready for Turkey?? Me too!

I am beyond ready to "Gather" with my people this week and EAT!

What a strange week it has been! Monday was smoooooth at school! I got like 20 kids assessed in math, we worked on Thanksgiving crafts and then on Tuesday it got all weird!! 

We started the day with a strange storm, it was only raining when we got into the car and drove to school, by the time we started walking into the building my umbrella had been flipped inside out and it was a blizzard!

The morning went fairly well, the kiddos were excited about the snow, but it was pretty uneventful and then 11 am hit! Right at the beginning of specials/plan time I was all checking my email and trying to get ready for the afternoon when, dun dun da dun! The fire alarm started going off!! Um, what?!? 

Everyone was SO confused, middle school was on their way to switching classes, 1st and 4th grade were just getting to lunch, and it was a blizzard outside! (I am actually exaggerating, but it was really cold!)

So there we all were 600 children and teachers all freezing, no coats waiting for the fire department to come and clear the building. So we huddled together like penguins to warm the children for 30 minutes in the cold. I get it, we were trying to keep everyone safe, but wowza, that was a long 30 minutes!!

Turns out bathroom spray, if sprayed near a fire alarm, will in fact, make it go off and force an evacuation!

The rest of the day was a fog, no plan, 15 minutes for lunch and then a long afternoon of kids who did NOT want to do math!

Then I got a call from my mister saying he was having a wisdom tooth pulled?!? This day could not have been more strange! Turns out, his toothache this weekend, was really a cracked wisdom tooth! He is tough, I tell you. He had the sucker pulled and was back to work by 3. Crazy I tell you!

Then, as if the day was not crazy enough we had staff bowling tournament in our hallway with, that's right frozen turkeys... 
While my team, the Cool Whip Mamas, did not win, we were surprisingly good at whipping a frozen turkey down a hallway! 

After all the weird, I am THANKFUL to be home in my warm house, on Thanksgiving break. Bring on the Turkey!

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