Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween and Holding it Together

This last week felt like a month, y'all! I was taking to a parent about Halloween and it seriously felt like a lifetime ago, but no. It was a week ago. That's all just 7 days. Between birthday shenanigans, my formal observation, redoing Callie's room and just life in between, it has been wild! Hey, I can sleep when I am old...Maybe? We are holding it together...

On Sunday we had such a fun family dinner and carved our pumpkins! The kids had a blast and sweet Kellen kept asking, "Is it Halloween yet? Is it happening?" So. Much. Prep. Work.

Their little pumpkins were so stinkin cute this year! I mean look at Callie's pumpkin gut hair! Adorable!

 The actual day of Halloween fell on a weird Monday! What? Not all Holidays are on a weekend?!?

My school declared that we could not have any Halloween parties for some odd reason, so my team planned the cutest little monster day, you ever did see!

We read I Need My Monster 

                                      Image result for I want my monster
Seriously the cutest little book, that you ever did read! Them my kiddos, who are working on non fiction writing had to create their own monster that lived under their bed and do an " All About writing" where they told what it looked like, what it did that was special, etc...

Then we decorated and ate monster cookies. It was a red letter day in the second grade!

After school it was race home and get ready for candy begging time! We met over at my parents to change and get ready. Kellen straight up refused to put his costume on. The boy was in a mood, this was not going well, already...

We finally convinced him that he would not be getting candy if he just showed up in a Halloween shirt and that changed his mind pretty quick! Finally... Dressed and ready to go!
She was best little Hermione Granger you ever did see!

Not super thrilled with life, but willing to hold it together if it meant he got candy!

Aaaannnd finally some smiles!

He had no idea what was going on behind him!

We managed a few houses around my parents' 'hood and then headed over to see my uncle Buck and aunt Jenny's for more Halloween treats!
Once it had gotten a little darker we headed back to our neighborhood and met up with a mob, I said it, a mob of about 15 children and chased them from house to house in the dark.
Let me tell you, these cuties cleaned up in the sugar department!
Wizard best friends! The little boy who lives behind us, who I am pretty sure loves Callie, was Harry and we had to snap a pic!

We will never be able to eat all of this sugar!
Another Halloween in the books and it was a blast! 

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