Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Harry Potter Party

This year my precious girl turned 10...Yes, double digits for her and officially old for me! In all seriousness, how did she get so big?!? I know everyone says that kids grow up so quick and some days feel looonnnggg when you are in them. Some stages were just terrible, some were so amazingly awesome, but the rate at which this is happening is really hitting me!

This weekend we said goodbye to Barbies and baby dolls and traded them for IPods and legos.

For her presents she wanted and I quote, "Gift cards and clothes with no words on them." Who is this child of mine?

The obsession with Harry Potter continued from Halloween, right into her 10th birthday party, for my grown up girl.

This was not a small feat, for Harry Potter party supplies simply do not exist. This was truly the party that Pinterest made!

                                                                          The decor...
That's right to get into Hogwarts you need a password and to get into our house you needed one too!

Floating candles...
This was a labor of love, let me tell you. Weeks of collecting toilet paper rolls from my family, and lots of  hot glue, spray paint, fishing line and flicker candles later and, ta-da!

This thrift store find became these fancy candelabras after a little bit of gold spray paint!

Very Hogwarts of us!

A foam board photo booth just like in the movie!

This Hogwarts banner we found on Amazon for like $15, was money well spent! I was just going to hang it on the wall, but Brien took it to the next level and teetered on a ladder to hang it from the ceiling!

The Whomping Willow was all Callie! Just a little bit of brown paper, some thumb tacks and some twisting! She was very proud of her creation!

The food was SO fun and super easy to throw together!
Cheetos and Doritos... what kid doesn't love fake orange cheese?! I know I do!

Sour gummy worms made great jelly slugs

Some chocolate coins were a great pass for Gringotts wizard money!

Jelly Bellies look just like Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Bean without the disgusting surprises!

Lindt Carmel Truffles look surprisingly like gold snitches and Sprees Chews are exactly how I'd imagine Fizzing Wizzbees!

Reese's and a pretzel=broom sticks!

My mom found these super awesome gum eyeballs during Halloween, pretty awesome find mom!

The Entertainment!

Pin the scar on Harry Potter was Callies' creation, she did such a great job and it was super fun to spin those crazy kids and grown ups around and see where the scars ended up!
Our very own Quidditch Pitch! Brien made these out of some 1x2's from Lowes, a couple of clamps and some hula hoops that he ripped the sparkly paper off of!
If only we had our Nimbus 2000's!
And last but not least...Potions class! We made a bubbly mess from the same recipe we used this summer!

I think this birthday was probably one of my favorites as far as planning and hosting, even though it was a LOT of work, but totally worth it to shower my sweet girl with some Harry Potter love!
Thank you awesome family for being there and sharing her special day!!

Happy 10th, baby girl!!

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