Monday, January 30, 2017

Adventures in Frisco

The Wood's just got back from a super fun little mountain getaway yesterday! I am telling you, there is just something about the hills that make me calm. Even with traffic and crowds looking at those snow covered mountains is plain peaceful!

A few months ago one of my girls friends said we should get our families together and go to this snow sculpture festival that they have every year in Breckenridge. I thought this was a fabulous idea, as January is such a dreary month, it would be nice to have something to look forward to! 

On Friday, our three little families took off and headed to the mountains for a little fun! I am not gonna lie, it was crazy and chaotic with 6 kids under 10  and 7 more adults in one tiny little house, but there was never a dull moment!

This is the view right out the windows, SO crazy, pretty right?!?
We got in on Friday in the late afternoon, just in time to watch the temperature drop from 35 to 1. 1 degree!!! BRRR! So after a quick trip to the store we made dinner and settled in for the night. I had grand plans to hit the Outlet shops that are at the bottom of the mountain, but I just couldn't bring myself to brave the 1 degree weather for sweet bargains. 

After all of our friends and there kiddos showed up, the crazy began! I am glad our offspring are sweet and funny, but whoa, are they noisy! Plus, at the condo, it is all open and lofted so you can hear literally every thing that happens!

After a night of playing and jumping on beds and throwing toys over the railing, they finally settled down for the night. Morning came way too quick and it was a mad dash to get everyone ready and out the door for tubing! 

I had never been tubing before, so I got to check that off the bucket list. I was just thankful that no one wanted to ski. I may have died a little inside after the skiing debacle of 2011.

We got all bundled up and headed to Frisco Adventure Park. This super awesome little place tucked away in the mountains, that has so much cool stuff to do! We had been here once before to go on a Christmas sleigh ride. I had NO idea they had tubing too!

After we signed our lives away it was time to go careening down the mountain!

This boy and his snow eating...His little face was red and raw before we went down one run!

Callie, the old pro showed us all about it!

After we watched the safety video, I was a little bit nervous because they said that you couldn't have a child in your lap for fear of them flying off. I was wondering how this was going to play out with Mr. in his own tube...

Turns out it was pretty easy and magical! Kellen could sit snug down in the actual tube and you could tie all of the tubes together to go down. With all four of us, we flew down the mountain! It's like sledding times a thousand! It was totally worth it to hear my loves squeal with delight as we whipped down the mountain!

I sure am thankful that I can drag my fella all over and he just goes with it!

At the end of our session these critters were tired!

annd these mamas were tired too! PS. why do I look like a ghost? I need a tan stat!

After our tubing adventure we had the super bright idea that we would drive into Breck and eat lunch and then head to the snow sculptures. Sadly after an hour and a half of driving all over the town, we COULD NOT find one single parking space, let alone three for all of the families. Bummer. It was so crazy crowded, thanks skiers and out of staters taking up all the parking spots...

So we abandoned our whole reason for coming to the mountains, but everyone was pretty whipped and not funny enough not really disappointed in just grabbing some lunch and heading back to our warm and cozy condo. 

The rest of the trip, we did just that, hang out! It was oh so nice to get away and relax with friends in a super pretty place! I mean lets be real, cozy fire? Check! Fun friends? Check! I love a good mountain adventure!

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