Thursday, September 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Whew, Y'all we made it! Finally Friday, it has been a weird week, sick baby sitters, sick teammates, my students were acting all weird and crazy. I am a little bit glad we are done with this one!

So onto some favorite things!

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask!

My sister in law gave this to me as a birthday gift and it is so super fun! Callie and I all about smearing goo all up on our faces and this stuff was great! We have had big plans to make our own with charcoal tablets that I bought, but after hearing some pretty terrifying things about mixing it with glue and slapping it on your face, I decided against it. This was a much better option!

It dries pretty quick and feels all tight and you can't move your face (I love that feeling! I am a total weirdo) I think the tighter it is the more it is tightening up my aging face! It washes off smooth and your face feels pretty delightful! In fact we are doing another round tonight!

Healthy Sexy Leave in Conditioner:

Best stuff ever! Seriously, we have tried every de-tangler in the world, cheap, expensive, store bought and homemade. This miracle concoction is amazing! Callie was in tears every morning and every night as we raked through her long luscious hair, but we haven't had a tear since the beginning of August with this stuff!

Easy and Effective  Workout:
I have been following the same workout routine ALL summer and now that are back to school I just cannot squeeze in a 45 minute beach body video everyday and P.S I was getting super bored with it too! I tried a few new ones that we get free on xfinity, but they were not amazing either. So I scoured my work out board on Pinterest and found this little gem and thought, "What the heck? Let's try it!" Oy Vay! This kicked my butt! You wouldn't think a few little exercises would be that challenging, but by the third round in the circuit I was dying (okay, let's be real, I barely made it through the second round) and it can take as long or short as you want it to!

Peep Toe Boots:
I have been looking for some cute black boots with a peep toe for a while now and I found them at Old Navy the week before school started. They are super comfy and they fit the bill in those weird months when it's not quite time for real boots but not really sandal season any more!

Camo Pants:

Another treasure from Old Navy! And another item I can check off of my list! They are the perfect length to roll up in the summer and stuff into boots in the winter and they are super stretchy and a little bit higher waisted, so they fit pretty great too!!

That's all this week! Cheers for Friday and Cheers for fun new things!

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