Monday, September 25, 2017

Kellen is 4!

Hurray for 4 year olds! This cutie guy turned 4 on Saturday and we had a pretty awesome time! Minus some melt downs at bed time about giving up his paci, he was a champ!
Kellen you are the funniest little thing I ever did know! Where to start...
You are my sweet guy! I love hearing all about how I am a "Flat Liner" and every day you ask me how my day at school was (What 4 year old does that?!?) I can't get enough of you asking for hugs and kisses at bed time, even though I am pretty sure you are just stalling! I am just going to soak up this time because I know that some day I will not be your number one girl, so for now, bring on all the hugs and kisses and snuggles any time of day!

You are fascinated with all of the unknown things, that normal kids just believe. God, Santa, the Easter bunny, Heaven, cavities etc. Sometimes your curiosity and questioning nature can be a pain, but I kind of secretly love that you don't just believe things blindly!

You are obsessed with guns and hunting. I can't wait until you are big enough to go with daddy and see what all the hype is about!

You are so super cool, with your awesome fashion sense and sunglasses. Most days you are content to just throw on what ever clothes I laid out the night before, but sometimes you have a rebellious streak and if the pants aren't cozy enough or your shirt doesn't have something cool on it, there is a wardrobe battle, especially at bed time! (again with the stalling, I am pretty sure)

You are SO silly! The things that you say and want to do crack me up! Like this picture, you said, "Mom, I am going to put my shirt like this, like I am reaching up to the clouds and then I want to run around and you take pictures." Huh?! And like right now, you are up in your room, with every animal and dinosaur you own dumped out on the floor and you are singing some song you made up and having an imaginary argument with goodness knows who!

You love SO hard! Especially your girl baby! You love your cousins, all of them, fiercely, and even though you two get into it sometimes, I think you love that sister of yours best of all!

You are SO adventurous! Anything that is covered in water or dirt or looks dangerous you are immediately interested! Especially swimming and water. You haaavvvee to  take a bath every single night come hell or high water. I think it's mostly to play with your toys and see what floats and probably more stalling, but you love water just like your big sis! 

You are all boy! Sometimes the things you openly and willingly admit baffle and disgust me. Like right after this picture you told me all about the sand in your butt crack. A few minutes ago, I had to go upstairs and look at your poop because it was so gross. At least once a day, I get have the honor of answering the beckon of, "Mom come get this booger off my finger." Bleccchh! Boys, right?

You love the outdoors and hiking and adventures. You were sure born into the right family! I have to drag you inside each day or night it is warm enough to be outside! You love nature and birds and plants and all that jazz and I love that you love it!

You LOVE dinosaurs with a passion that I never known. Seriously, you know all their names, what they eat, what eats them. I can't wait until you are big enough to go the Jurassic Park thing at Universal. I think you might just die! You also love animals. All kinds really. You have every animal known to man kind upstairs in a box in your room and you are obsessed. That is all.

You get yourself into sticky situations, like the night you got a stamp as a party favor and you had some time in the dark by yourself in the back seat. Yup, these bad boys lasted like 2 weeks.

Kellen, I am so glad you are ours and I can't even imagine our family without you. I can't wait to see what year four holds for you and us! I love you bug!

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