Tuesday, January 23, 2018

All the Cozy things...

Well we finally got our first "real" snow of the season and mama busted out the warm clothes! I am finally getting around to getting out all of the fun sweaters and coats and such that I got or bought for in December and I am super excited about it! You know how fun clothes get me...

I have been eyeing this little wrap sweater for YEARS, on Jane and on New Year's it was cold and I was shopping online and this somehow ended up in basket and voila! It is so cute and super duper cozy, but it left my leggings all fuzzy by the end of the day!

My sister in law got me this super cute flannel for Christmas and I have no idea how, but in this picture my bedroom door seemed to disappear and I have NO idea how it happened or what I did to make it happen! Nevertheless, it is super fun and cute and cozy to throw on any time!

My sweet mama got me this gorgeous coat for Christmas and it is everything I thought it would be and more! It is super warm, covers my heiney and it's cute on top of all that!

Y'all know how fleecy pull overs are all the rage this winter? I have seen them all over my favorite bloggers and insta-people, but I was not willing to pay for the pricey Nordstroms/Patagonia version. Then one day I was the Walmarts getting Kellen a new booster seat and I saw this awesomeness for $7. So far it has been worth every penny. Now if I could just get my husband to stop making "Baaa" sounds when I wear it... I get it mister I look like a sheep, but I am warm, so stop!

Statement sleeves have also been everywhere on everyone, so when I found this cute little top at Target for $10, I decided to give it a go. My precious daughter also got a similar one for Christmas from her aunt so she wanted to twin one day. Y'all I am not gonna lie, it is just not flattering on me! I don't know if it is because of the way it's cut or the way it falls but I had the hardest time pulling it off. Any and all suggestions are welcome...
Velvet flats! I scored these at Target right after Christmas for like $10! I have been waiting all fall for them to go on sale and alas, there they were, beckoning to me! They are so cute and comfy and the perfect color and texture for winter!

These little flats were not on sale at Target, but they are so stinking cute and I decided it had been awhile since I bought shoes, so what the heck! I do not regret my decision, they are fabulous.

These super adorable earring also magically found their way into my Jane.com cart. On a side note, I have gotten all of teammates, our assistant principal and counselor addicted to Jane. If you have not taken a peak, I would highly encourage it. It's like  party in my mailbox once a week!

That's all for the cozy and cute things for now! I promised to put myself on a shopping hiatus for the next few weeks, but when shopping calls, sometimes I answer! Happy Tuesday!

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