Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wine Night

I had been meaning to post a loonnngg time ago about the gloriousness that is wine night! It is maybe one of my favorite nights of the year, fun times with the ladies in our family, yummy food and wine, and raging rounds of board games! It is THE best!

This year was especially fun, as my lovely husband was everyone's uber driver home, so we were able to cut loose. Everyone brings a bottle or two of their favorite wine and something yummy to eat. We are not a super sophisticated group of wine drinkers and we usually end up with lots of moscato and champaign-y like wines!

This was the favorite of the night! Stella Rose! It was not our typical white sparkly wine, but a redish one, instead. Still sparkly though and super tasty!

The gang had a blast playing Obama llama, telastrations and our favorite--Taboo.
I love these ladies and I love the times we are able together and enjoy each other! Happy Wine Night!

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