Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy "no" Year

It's a new fresh year and I am so jazzzed! That's jazz with 3 z's, so you know that means fun! I love a New Year and all the freshness that comes with it! We rang in 2018 with a cozy night at home, with no make up, pajamas and a plate of shrimp, because when you have a cold and it's 9 degrees outside, you keep yourself and your germs at home. So, we introduced Callie to the world of Friends and watch the New Years episode with the "routine" and "Happy No Year".

Now that Christmas is put away, the whole house is decluttered, we are ready to start this thing! On Monday night in a sleepy haze we made our resolutions. Another favorite part of New Year, new things to focus on! Callie's resolution is to kick off her bath bomb business and thanks to her "investor" (thanks Aunt P) she is off to a solid start! 
I am hoping this year will be productive and I am resolving to say no more, to things that I don't want to do (like taking on extra responsibilities or going to things that I don't have time for) and yes to adventures and quiet time without technology and distractions, to be a better planner and be more balanced. Callie pointed out that we literally start the year by saying "Happy",  we need more happy in our lives! Brien and I had a long talk this weekend about how the things we love the most in life--IE: our kids and each other and things we love to do the most--IE: hang out with our families and do fun things, are somehow the things that we do the least and make the least time for, if that makes sense...So let's change that, this year!

 2017, peace out and bring it on 2018, we are ready for a fun and happy year!

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