Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I love Easter! I think that every year Easter takes on a new significance for me. The older I get, the more I cherish my savior and what he did for us. I have been working my way through the old testament for a few months and it is tough to read, knowing all of the trials, covenants and sacrifices that the OT bible people had to make because they didn't have a savior. It kind of makes our lives seem a little easy. All we have to do is love Jesus and accept him into our hearts. HE is alive!

So the Easter festivities started on Friday. I had my own little photo shoot with Kellen...

I love it! He is so cute, love my bunny!

On Saturday we had our annual Easter egg hunt at Observatory park. One of Callie's sweet friends from school actually came with her mom and we got to know them a little better. My little evangelist, I am one proud mama!

We had an awesome turn out with church kiddos and neighbors and visitors, it was fun!

The hunt is on....

These faces, I die!

My good lookin' boys :)

No one cried this year about the Easter bunny! Yay!

Saturday night we dyed eggs with the family, it was a success. Although I am realizing that it is darn near impossible with a family of four to get a real, life,j good picture where everyone is looking and smiling and I look skinny.

Not quite all looking, but good enough.

The annual "poop" egg. Don't ask...
Finally done!

Sunday we did Easter baskets and headed to church, bible class, worship. It was great!

After a great message at church about the prodigal son (one of my favorite stories!) We booked it up north to Brien's parents house for our Easter brunch. My parents also joined us, as they do every year. It has been our tradition and we are so blessed to have families that not only get along but like to hang out with each other!

Love our family of four!

Again not quite all looking, but hey...

sibling frustration #976 pulling long hair

After our amazing feast, the kids played outside in the glorious spring weather and we enjoyed our beautiful Easter day!
After millions of tried we finally had a winner!

That's why we have to take 5,000 pictures, smart alec!

Bestie cousins having fun!


Kellen was very excited about bubbles and to be outside!

Overall a wonderful and blessed weekend! Happy Easter!

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