Monday, April 28, 2014

Ladies Tea

This weekend was jammed, seriously busy...
Friday- I had to get my target shopping done because I knew that I would not have time this weekend. Plus that's where we buy Kellen's formula and diapers, and we were out so, I kind of had to. Then when we got home we made Monkey bread pizza. It was amazing!  Recipe to coming soon... While we feasted we watched "Frozen" for the 15th time since Easter. Callie just loves that movie and sound track, what 7 year old girls doesn't, really?

Saturday- Brien was on call so it was me and babies... I was outgunned and out manned and I had a lot to do! But I managed to pack 2 childrens' bags for an overnight at grandmas, make 3 dozen chocolate covered strawberries for our church's annual Ladies Tea, make 2 boxes (I know, I know) of pasta salad for our bonfire that night and get myself ready and pretty.

Ladies tea was a blast! It was Callie's first year to go and she loved it! She said "Wow, mom this is really classy!" And it was. All of the hostesses decorate beautiful tables, full of china and flowers. The tea is amazing, the food is amazing. It really is such a sweet time of fellowship with beautiful ladies!

I went flower on flower, not really my thing, but it came out okay...
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: Forever 21
Sandals: Target

After tea, we raced across town to my mom, who was so graciously keeping Kellen, whilst attending my sister-in-law's pampered chef party. So I had to stay and shop for a minute. More about that later...

Then we raced back to my house where my lovely mother in law was waiting to pick up the children for the night. We loaded everyone up and off they went for a night of fun at grandma and grandpa's house (and to watch "Frozen", again) Then Brien and I jetted across the middle of nowhere to the Bennett's in Strasburg. They were hosting a bonfire/dinner, more fun was had, karaoke was sung very badly! An overall great time. But we stayed up waaaaayyyy to late! We are old, we don't stay up late unless we are rocking a baby!
I don't know why, but we always bust out the Las Vegas Elvis glasses whenever we get together...
Warm and toasty :)

Sunday was another crazy day! We woke up to the sound of rain! Not snow, rain! It was dreary but, oh so wonderful! Then we actually went out to breakfast, just the two of us, and then across the street from breakfast was a little hardware store, putting out all of their garden stuff, so we scoped out some yard ideas. Then grandma called to drop off the children... The rest of the day was spent cleaning and getting ready for the week, family dinner and early to bed, yay!

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