Thursday, April 3, 2014

I like these pants, but I dislike being a grown up...

I bought these pants for che-eap for our trip to California and since I have worn them probably 10 times. They are cute and comfy... and comfort occasionally matters to me! I downloaded a picture collage app on my phone and I have been experimenting with it. It is called insta-collage and it is super easy to use (even for me!) You just put in the pics and type in the text and it does the rest. Love it!

Here are two of the ways that I have worn my amazing new pants in the past week, once to school and to church on Sunday.
Olive skinny pants: walmart (I know, right?!)
In the picture on the left
Floral tank: kohls
Striped tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Nude Heels: Target

In the picture on the right:
tank: Forever 21
Neon tunic: Walmart (Crazy!)
Nude heels: Target

Things that make me uncomfortable have to do with being a grown up. This week has been challenging.

1. I got a new bank card in the mail a few weeks ago and then I left it at home. Well, it expired on Monday and I totally forgot and then I tried to buy coffee before my meeting this morning and guess what? Declined! I just couldn't figure out why. The lady at the coffee place politely pointed out that my card was expired, I am pretty sure she thought I was a moron.

2. I have to re-new my teaching license this week. It is so much work and everything is electronic and very complicated and official. I spent an hour after school today downloading and imputing data and then it said I was on step 5 of 27, 18% complete. My brain hurt, I saved everything and shut off my computer. I will deal with this later.

3. Our school is updating our operating system and we have to back up everything on our computers or it will be wiped from existence next Tuesday. My flash drive wouldn't work. I gave up. I will deal with this later.

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