Friday, April 25, 2014

Kellen is 7 months!

The 7th month mark has been an adventure! Kellen you are one cute, hot, mess! You never miss a meal, you have two little teeth, you are rolling and scooting all over the house and you laugh at everything! Callie even made up a song called "Everything is funny when you're Kellen Wood".

Where to start... Food, you love everything, you have not sampled a food that you didn't like. Clothes, you are rockin' a 6-9, sometimes a 9-12, we got size 3 diapers going on. You are not such an amazing sleeper. I mean, I guess I can't complain too much, you go down at 7, and wake up at like 12 for a bottle and 5 for a snack.

You are finally using all of you aparatuses (aparati?) You especially like your jumper and your saucer and the bimbo (actually a bumbo, but funner to say, yes I said funner)
Thick as thieves, these two

You are pretty much sitting up on your own, well I guess not so much sitting up as folding yourself in half. Then you kind of tip over if you get a little off balance. But I am calling it sitting up for all intents and purposes.

You have this new thing that you love to do, when ever you eat, you weave your little hands into my hair and swirl it around it, you are so silly, and it kind of hurts because you have gooey little baby hands, but I will power through, because you still like to sunggle.

You love to see yourself!

The lumberjack look

Loves: Callie! When Jake licks your face, kicking everything, reading books, grabbing hair, playing "Boo", looking at the "Baby" in the mirror, splashing in the bath

Kellen was being eaten by a crocodile for most of the afternoon one Saturday.

Not a fan of: Not being held, dogs barking, getting your face/nose wiped off.

Because you are so mobile, we cannot leave you anywhere and you can pull yourself up in bed, we had to lower it down. You are not our little tiny baby anymore...

You are so close to crawling, it's crazy, you pull yourself up on your tip toes and just stay, it it hilarious to watch!

Firsts: Easter, two bottom teeth, concert, sitting up.

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