Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kellen is 8 months old!

Oy Vay! Kellen, this is going by a little too fast. This month was interesting to say the least. You are still my big huge man. We had to go to the doctor a few days ago and weighed in at 21 lbs and were 27 inches long. So that puts you at 70% for weight and like 13% for height. You are your daddy's boy.

This month was a little rough, sickness wise. About 2 weeks ago you were super cranky. Which was odd because you are such the happy baby. So the next day you were still in a slump and we were not sure what to do. When you got home from school Miss Charlie said that you felt a little warm, so we decided to take your temp. Holy Moly kid! It was almost 104. I rushed you to urgent care and they said that you had a bad ear infection. Whew, that was huge relief. The next day daddy tried to give you your medicine and you promptly barfed up everything that you had eaten all week on him. It was horrible. I called the urgent care the next morning and they said to try to mix your medicine with your food and you would never notice the taste. I tried it and it worked like a charm for about 4 days. On Thursday when you woke up you had like a few little pink spots, we thought nothing of it and sent you to school. I was working to clean up my classroom when Miss Charlie sent me the most awful picture. You looked like a raspberry!
Yikes! Another trip to the real pediatrician and she said that you have an allergy to amoxicillian. No more of that stuff. She gave you some benedryl and a steroid and now you are almost totally back to normal. Crisis averted!

Kellen you are crawling!! I cannot believe it. We were at home one Sunday afternoon and we started wiggling across the floor. It's almost like you are doing the worm, but you can sure boogie all over the place!
Not sleeping, playing peek a-boo and crawling all over!

You have 4 teeth coming at one, on top. It has been a little rough!

You are so ridiculously happy, it kills me! This month you have discovered the art of clapping. It's really hard to take a good picture of you actually in the act, that's not blurry. But you love to clap. At anything.

You love splash bath time. I get drenched, you get clean, it works. This month we tried real big boy baths, in the big tub. That did not go swimmingly (ha ha) because you keep rolling over and trying to swim around. I am terrified that you are going to bang your head or drown or both. So back to the little tub for you. We will try again next month. 

You are sleeping a titch better at night, which is a-ok with me! You are wearing a 9-12 in clothes. You haven't tried a food that you don't like. Last month we busted out the net food things and you ate so much watermelon that I was worried you would get sick.

Loves: Callie,  Playing peek-a-boo with yourself and others, playing on the floor, toys, screaming, FOOD!

Not a fan of: Sitting up for long period of time, sitting still, loud noises, naps.

Firsts: Crawling, clapping, watermelon, cup of water, ear infection, trip to the grocery store (not in a car seat)

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