Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The mess and Mother's day...

So, this weekend was interesting to say the least!

Our backyard is like 40% horrible rock. When I say horrible I mean like truly awful; full of dirt, grass and random plants. I want it gone!
 Last summer I started the process of moving it shovel full, by shovel full to the other side of the yard. I was 6 months pregnant, probably not the best time to start a project. But I was determined. So started raking and digging and loading and shoveling. It was layer after layer of rock and that crappy black plastic stuff and dirt, heavy dirt. I got about a 10x10 stretch done in like a month. I am talkin' like 2-3 hours a day of rake, dig shovel, load repeat.
I finally gave up and we said "oh we'll get to that next year." Well next year is now!

 Friday afternoon we had a giant skid steer delivered to our house from Brien's office. Brien took a half day from work to get the yard ready and start clearing out our awful rock. It was going pretty until he realized that he couldn't get it through the gate. So, he had to rip that pesky thing down. The other problem was the tire tracks that are now permanently engraved in the front yard, because we had to use a different gate than planned, oops...
 Then the real work started. Brien cleared and worked until dinner time and we had a MUD pit on our hands.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny, thank goodness! Brien and my brother were able to work together to get a good piece of the yard cleared. Then we ran into all of the snags. There is a steep hill in our back yard, Brien was afraid the tractor would loose footing and tip over. Also there were several areas where it was just too big to get close enough to the fence, the house, the sprinkler etc. So we only got about half of it totally finished.

One of Brien's work friends was able to load about 10 yards of our rock to use for his drive way, another plus! At the end of the day on Saturday, we felt a little defeated. We didn't get nearly as much done as we thought and now the yard is muddy mess. Which leads me to Sunday...

Mother's day we woke up to pouring rain mixed with snow. I was afraid to look out the window at the puddles. Thankfully they were covered in snow. I just keep praying that our dog stays out of the dirt (ha. ha., never going to happen) So Mother's Day I was able to actually sleep in a titch. Callie and Brien made me a card and breakfast and coffee. I was able to take an uninterrupted shower. I didn't have to get any children dressed. It was glorious Minus the blizzard raging outside.

After our leisurely morning, we drove to Thornton to meet with Brien's mom/family for a mother's day lunch at Olive Garden. Then Brien and Callie (Kellen was there too) took me shopping. Just for me. Which pretty much never happens.

I spent the rest of the day snuggling in the best blanket (a mother's day gift from MY mom) ever, with the cutest kids ever.

We had supper with my mom and family, which rounded out a lovely, but freezing day! I hope it gets warm soon, I am over this!

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