Saturday, May 31, 2014

A bed for a princess

When we moved into our house about 3 years ago, Callie needed a bed. Thanks to Craig's list and a can of white spray paint we ended up with this...
(ahh it was simpler times, back before the toys took over)

So her lovely big girl bed, has a little secret, the people who sold it to us also gave us the bars to make it is hideous canopy bed. I have kept the bars hidden in the basement, I don't know why I didn't just throw them away... 

Which brings us to a few weeks ago. Callie was roller skating in the basement and using the bars to her bed to propel herself across the concrete (super safe, huh?) and I slipped up and said "Callie don't use your canopy to push yourself around the basement Oops. She stopped, immediatley with, "What canopy? My bed has a canopy? Put it up, mom!" Boo! I did not want to do that. I tried to convince her for days that she did not need one and then I gave in and said we could look around for some at the store. 

Holy moly these things are expensive! So I thought that maybe curtains would be a better idea. I would get a couple of panels and just throw those us. There were a few problems with this. First they are expensive as well, as I would need 8 of them! They are also super long and I would need to hem them, too much work.

$400, no thank you!
Enter the experiment. I made a trip to good old Hobby Lobby. I wasn't sure exactly what I would need, so I just got some materials and I figured that I would wing it. And wing it, I did. I ended up buying 12 yards of super bright heavy tuile. I was thinking maybe 3 yards per post. Then I thought, how am I going to hold up this stuff? So I got some matching ribbon.

I took my loot home and got to work straight away. It was tricky and I experimented with some ideas before I finally figured it out. I unfolded the fabric then I refolded it long ways. I wanted it to be doubled to add a little weight.

Then, on the fold I measured (okay I eyeballed it) about inch down, then I poked a hole through the netting with scissors.

Next, I threaded about 6 inches (again with my eyeballs) of the pink ribbon and then tied it to the poles of the canopy.

Whew! Were my arms ever tired! On the corners, I probably should have cut the fabric, but I was losing interest in this project fast, I just wrapped it around the post and kept poking and tying.

It was pretty easy once I figured it out and got going. This was a relatively easy project, a little labor intensive if your arms are out of shape. but it came out okay, not super amazing, but okay.

To Callie, however, I am mom of the year. The squeal of delight when she saw it after school made it all worth it!

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