Thursday, May 29, 2014

Removing tree sap, oh the joys of summer

Over the memorial day weekend, which was lovely by the way, my little monkey decided to climb a tree. Full. Of. Sap. Awesome. It was in her long hair and all over her skin and clothes. Yikes. And all over me because I was the lucky parent who touched her.
I could hardly look she was up so high. Scary!

Everyone seemed to have a suggestion wd-40, olive oil, lotion. Finally, thanks to google and aunt Jenn we came up with a solution, rubbing alcohol. How simple is that? However we were at my aunt and uncles house and the best they could do was some hand sanitizer. We doused her hair (no open flames for this girl) and rubbed it on her arms and legs. It totally worked! No damage, no stains, no rashes and no having to chop off all of her hair. No more sticky sap! Who knew?

Getting out tree sap=alcohol, or in a pinch, hand sanitizer.

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