Thursday, May 15, 2014

" Pinned it and did it": "Cookie Cutter" art

I have bare blank beautiful green walls in my downstairs powder room. It has been finished for about 10 months and I cannot decide/find anything worthy of these walls, that doesn't cost a fortune. I skimmed my pinterest craft board for inspiration. I finally found something that I had been wanted to do forever, that was super affordable and easy. One rainy Sunday Callie and I needed some crafts in our lives so we started this project.

We needed some canvases. I found these at Hobby Lobby in a two pack for like $11. Then we picked the paint, I wanted some bright colors, because the furnishings in the bathroom are pretty neutral. Last we rummaged through our cookie cutters. I have this old set of tin cookie cutters from my Nanny and we found a lovely star and Callie chose a diamond.

Then we went to work, first we painted the canvases with a good thick layer of one color. After letting it dry a little we started stamping those cookie cutters. It was a little tricky to find a container to put the paint in. At first, we started using a bowl, but it was hard to get the paint on evenly. So, we switched to a paper plate. That was a no go because the plate was starting to leak. Then I thought about pouring the paint on a sponge. That worked the best.

There is no rhyme or reason to this process. I just gave Callie the cookie cutter and said, "Go nuts." She loved it.

After they dried we hung them on the bare blank wall in the bathroom. Mission accomplished!

Here is the original pin!

Cookie cutter paintings on canvas.

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