Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I wore Wednesday

My, oh my have things gotten crazy 'round the Wood House! This last week has been non stop action. School has truly been great. I love my students and now that we are all done with getting everything set up for procedures, we are finally starting to learn. Hurray!
I heart red shoes!
Dress: Old Navy
Necklace: ?? Old!
Heels: Dillards--so that means super old because they have all turned into Macy's here in the CO

Casual Friday! At my school they have come up with this nonsense about every Thursday we have to wear a college tee, to promote higher education and inform kids about the options and programs at our alma maters. I have 2, count em' 2, ACU tees and I am not going to wear them every Thursday, sorry school!
Top: Kohl's, thrifted
Skirt: Target
Wedges: Target

I heart Flamingos! I found this top on super sale at Target this summer and wore when I was in Keystone, it was perfect for a random chilly day last week!
Button up: Target
Coral capris: Gap, thifted
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Jane

A little close up...

I heart ruffles!
Top: Loft, thrifted
Skirt: Target
Camo flats: Target

I wore this puppy to back to school night. Back to school night is a strange thing at my school. I have 127 students. Guess how many came to back to school night?? Anyone?? Bueller?? That's right...
11 KIDS!!  I spent an extra 4 and half hours at school to talk about reading and writing with 11 children and their parents. And it was all pretty good kids. We need some better parent involvement. It's a good thing I am on that committee this year. Things have to change!
Dress: Old Navy
Vest (shawl thing?): BCBG, thrifted
Belt: Taget
Wedges: Target

So that's all the fash for this week. More random rants and outfits next week!

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