Thursday, August 27, 2015

Birthdays are the best days!

It's no secret I love Birthdays! I always had such wonderful memories of being spoiled on My birthday and I love to pass that on to my kiddos!
Birthdays are the best days for several reasons...
1. People are extra nice to you!
2. My sister in law brings me coffee and scones! Yum!
3. My lovely husband spends the better part of a morning chasing me all over school to deliver me flowers --cue the "awww's"!!
4. My students shower me with cards they made while they were supposed to working on their warm ups and also presents and candy that they find at their houses (IE- Used teddy bears and dum dum suckers that they got from the teacher in their previous class)
5. I get to pick what I want for dinner--Giant Pizza and salads from my favorite place.

6. Kellen actually makes it through the evening without a melt down... Yay!

7. My husband throws impromptu parties and all of our family comes to hang out and eat! Plus I get to see theses cuties!

8. My husband will take real pictures with me, where he is smiling and everything!

9. My mom makes me her famous sheet cake!

The next two are totally random and really have nothing to do with my birthday, but this weekend, Callie and I had crafty time at grandma's and she taught Callie and re-taught me how to crochet! She bought us books, hooks and soft beautiful yarn. I haven't had too much time to practice, but I have a few rows of a scarf that I want to make for the winter! Oh the possibilities!

My sister in law made this tasty dish! My kiddos LOVED IT! It's the dirt cups from our child hood resurrected on pinterest  using vanilla pudding, cool whip, oreos and vanilla wafers and I am sure some other stuff that is full of sugar and calories!
Overall it was a glorious birthday weekend, I love spending time with my family and friends and I cannot wait to see what 32 brings!!

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