Monday, August 3, 2015

Hot dogs and Gold fish

Kids are just so strange! I remember when Kellen was just starting to eat solid foods, he gobbled up everything in sight, now the only thing that he will eat is found in the title of this post... that and chicken nuggets, another popular favorite!

This was breakfast last week, the only thing he would eat was chicken nuggets and a Popsicle, #parentfail

We are on week 2 of missing Callie, but she will be back on Wednesday, Praise the Lord! In the meantime we have seriously slooooowed way down!
Most of our time has been spent in the backyard soaking up the sun...

Last week I had a few days to take care of some planning and getting ready to go back to school stuff. I finally was able to upgrade to a new computer at school, 7 short years on the same ol' Dell and it just died! It was nice to have time to work and time to myself, but I am not quite ready to give up my days of nothingness!

He kept himself pretty busy painting with pom poms, another dollar store delight that has kept this boy entertained...
This made for a fun little game! We made a hole in the top of a old storage container and Kellen was trying to squash the little pom poms in. This made for great fun!

We finally got a decent picture together. He is an elusive smiler when the camera is on!

Today we had breakfast at one of my favorite places with some of my school girls and while you are waiting for a table they have a corn game set up. Kellen decided this made a pretty good ramp for his trucks. So when we got home we made good use of an old favorite...
Its the old baby gate from the stairs! Re-purposed, it makes for a sweet truck/car/automobile ramp! This kept him busy for about 2 hours! Winning!

Hey! Need a book to read...

Kellen takes long naps so I have had time to read not one, but TWO books these past few weeks! The Wedding Girl is super cute. This lady marries a gay guy to help him get citizenship and then when she tries to marry the man she really loves 10 years later, all of her secrets come out...It's a quick, silly, girly book. My favorite!


Another great read! It's about President Grant's wife and her relationship with her slave (even though her husband is THE union GENERAL) It's obviously historical fiction and a little slow in the middle, battle, reunion, have a baby, battle, reunion baby, repeat. But it's a pretty quick read and it's fun to get a little history lesson!

So last days of precious summer to go!

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