Sunday, September 20, 2015

Big Boys

This week has been delightful! After our short labor day week, we had another shortened week due to a district wide inservice day this last Friday. After a late Thursday night Bronco game (and victory for that matter) it was pretty great to not have to teach the next morning!
My babies representin'!

And it is always so nice to get out of our school building and see what's going on in other places! So Friday my team packed it up and headed to Boston K-8 for a PD. Right away we notice something was amiss... The chairs.
Say what now?? Oh yes, this was a kindergarten classroom. On the visualizer was also some alarming information. We had indeed signed up for k-2 professional development. 
Thankfully right down the hall was a class for our new writing curriculum, and thankfully they had grown up chairs! We spent the morning getting actual helpful training and walked away with some great information that we could use. 
After a wonderful lunch with my favorite ladies (there was much laughter, to the point of tears) We headed to our afternoon session.
Our facilitator was a hoot! He taught in an inner city LA school and was hilarious!
I mean look at this guy--his shirt had pineapples and his tie was dinosaurs, how could this not be fun?! While not quite as useful as our morning class. We had a great time and learned some cool stuff. 

So Friday night, the kids were off having a blast with Grandma (she took all five. All. Five.) Brien and I had a date night and enjoyed some much appreciated margaritas and On the Border, thanks to a birthday gift card! Saturday morning Brien and I spent the whole day together running errands. We went everywhere. It was quite a treat to not have to snap the kids in and out of the car 27 times. We got almost everything ready for Kellen's party next weekend and even had a chance to work on the yard a little. 

Then this happened...
I just can't even. That's right. Big Boy Bed. This week Kellen has discovered how to escape his crib. On Monday morning I came face to face with his big brown eyes in the darkness of 5 AM to the whisper of "you awake mommy?" Scared the pee out of me! He proceeded to every single night this week,  make a run for it and stand in the hallway and say, "I get out, ok?" Nope. Not okay, Mcfly. I was a little worried about his breaking out of baby jail and getting caught somewhere or getting into something in the night. So we went ahead and just made his crib into the toddler bed. Callie was never an escaper, she was in the crib til she was about 3. So this whole boy thing is a little new to me. We shall see how it goes! Tear.

Saturday night we had a quick dinner with my parents and grandma and then headed to the country for a bonfire for Brien's best friend. We had another great night filled with laughter and funny stories. 

Today the kiddos are back home and we have been gearing up for another week. For the next few weeks we are going to be busy with birthdays and trips so it's nice to enjoy the quiet. Hopefully I will have a chance to post some more and get back into my crafty ways. I am getting my life together. 

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