Monday, September 28, 2015

The "tracta" party

This for the our big boy's party we HAD to do a "Tracta" (tractor) Party. Which really was just a jumble of all things transportation. He has been OBSESSED with anything on wheels from a super young age, so all big equipment gets lumped together as tractors. Everything at daddy's office is a tracta. Not to be confused with buses, which he also loves, and trucks.

I found these invites at Hobby Lobby... I mean, how cute are they?!
Hobby Lobby also had a few other cute things for a "construction" party, I grabbed a runner, some cones, flags, etc.

I also found some caution tape on a Lowes trip and Brien, went a little bit crazy...
Everything else we had or was a dollar store purchase. I think this was the cheapest decorating I have ever done! It did help that everything was orange and Halloween is creeping up on us!

Mister was pretty proud of his decorating skills!

I kept the food super simple! Thanks Pinterest!

I mean this is just laziness, right??

I made a few dips and we ordered pizzas, after 9 years of throwing parties, I finally learned my lesson. I would rather enjoy my guests and the kiddos, than be cooking and cleaning up the whole time. Never again!

It was quite the toasty day, so we dragged out the water table and the kids played and played!

Kellen loves his Bama!

Kellen had a blast and added many tractas to his collection. They have kept him super busy this weekend!

We had so much fun celebrating this boy and I am  so thankful and blessed by our wonderful family and friends for loving on our kiddos!! 

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