Friday, September 11, 2015

Lovely Labor Day!

I know I am a little late on this one but this weekend was a blast! Who doesn't love a long weekend, I mean let's be real....

We had, not a lot of time for relaxing, but we sure packed in the fun! Saturday morning the children and I had big plans with Brien's mom and Aunt and the littles to go to the zoo. Kellen had not been since he was super duper little. He loves animals SO much, I was thinking this would be a great chance for him to get to see all the crazy animals that makes noises for in the books.

Sidebar-- why do parent teach their kids animal noises, anyway?? I mean, I totally do it every time we read a book or see a picture of an animal, but I am not sure why... Entertainment perhaps? Just a random thought...

They had so much fun! The strollers were ditched in a manner of minutes...and Kellen and Christian were off! We arrived super early so they animals were all out and awake. It was perfection, really. Kellen LOVED the lions and the elephants. We definitely spent most of the day at these exhibits!
Don't worry--it's fake, HA!

This one is quite real!

There was also this neato lego exhibit with animals and plants. Callie Rose just had to have her picture taken with the giant lego rose!

Also a fake, but they were really fascinated by this polar bear!

Sweet cousins!

Waiting for the elephant feeding show.

It was truly amazing to see these giant animals up close and personal. The kids were absolutely in love!

and of course we had to get some splashing in, this my friends, is what joy looks like. Splashing with your cousin at the zoo!

After our little zoo excursion we had a little BBQ with my family for my mom's birthday. I made my annual holy-moly terrible angel food cake. It looks a hot mess. but I promise it was delicious!
yikes, right?
On Sunday morning we did breakfast with the family, but the elusive birthday girl was not in any pictures. sorry mom...
Papa got the shot of the day, with these cuties. I would have been so much better minus the paci--we are working on that!
On Monday Brien and I went car shopping and I traded in the old jeep for a new Civic. I have had a love/hate relationship with that black behemoth since the day I bought it. Black cars are a terrible idea. Period. You know what else is a terrible idea, buying a car on labor day weekend. I dislike the car buying process in general. It takes so looonnnggg. I even knew exactly what I wanted. I was thinking in and out in, 2 hours and done. FIVE hours later,  my shiny new ride was ready for me to take home. So, total waste of a day, but now I have a fuel efficient, white,  girl car and I love it!
Why can't every weekend be a three day weekend. I feel like the world would be a better place if we had one less day of work and one more day of play! 

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