Monday, October 26, 2015

Nesting weekends

This is getting quite ridiculous when I actually look forward to cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry on the weekends. But, if gets me out of doing school work, these days, I will gladly take the distraction. I actually had some time for myself, to do fun things, that I want to do!

Friday--was the quite the disappointing night. Callie had this "flight school" class, where the girls in her girl scout troop get to learn how to fly a plane.

Don't worry it's a cessna, it flies a 30 minute loop around town and the pilot is in control at all times. Well we found our way to the class and spent threeeeeee hours learning from a super nice but incredibly boring presenter, who taught us all about how airplanes work and what to expect at the flight school.

 I was under the impression that it was a drop off class, since I was not going on the plane, so I had some plans for shopping. Callie had other thoughts. So I was in for the long haul and it was long and boring haul. At 9:30, with class finally over, when we were driving home, a small voice from the backseat informed me that, she did not, in fact, want to learn how to fly an airplane. She did not want to go and she made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with "flight school".

So that was 3 hours of my life, I will never get back. But at least we didn't wait all day on Saturday for our turn and then have her change her mind.

Saturday--was busy with nesting stuff. I actually enjoyed the change of pace from making powerpoints and stairsteps and calendars! This also happened...
Remember when I re-learned how to crochet?? Well with Brien gone last week, I had plenty of time to get started on my scarf. It is almost done!! It looks a hot mess. I keep dropping stitches and picking them up and none of edges are even, but I think it will look okay once it's actually on and ruffled up a little bit! I can't wait to finish it!

This also happened, after a great spaghetti dinner at my parent's house. A shirtless cowboy riding a firetruck and singing the ABC's... I love it!

Sunday--was more fun! Brien was off helping his dad with insulation, so me and the kiddos had a great morning of walking and crunching through the leaves in our neighborhood, a trip to the craft store, and cooking! All the things I love and have missed for so many week!
I am SO excited to do more crocheting, I've got big plans! I also made some new jewelry (more about that later) and baked delicious things (more about that later too). It was the perfect nesting weekend, in my little nest with my little birds!

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