Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gettin' crafty with fall decor!

Do you like my cheesy title?? I saw it on a magazine in line at the grocery store and it made me laugh. But seriously on Tuesday during nap time I got my craft on for the first time since summer break. Partly because I have run out of ideas and partly because I have NO time!

I had no fall decorations in the family room so we had to fix that. First the golden pumpkin...
I found this little white pumpkin at Target for $8 and some gold paint for $2 at hobby lobby. This proved quite the feat. At first I wanted to do polka dots, but that was a hot mess. Then I decided to try horizontal stripes. No big deal right? Wrong. It was too hard to free hand straight stripes on a bumpy pumpkin, so I busted out the painters tape and that was even worse. So vertical stripes it was! This was slightly easier. 
Also gold paint is super thin so I had to do like 5 coats to get even coverage. I shoulda' just used spray paint! After all my labor, it still came out pretty cute!
Next up, bunting. This was so easy...
They have pre-made burlap bunting at hobby lobby, this 12 piece already put together set was $5. I couldn't have made that for this cheap, so I went the easy way! Also some orange paint that I already had was needed. I just free handed the letters so it took like 10 minutes and voila!
Its a titch hard to see in the pictures, but it says "happy fall". Now the family room is ready for fall!

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