Monday, October 12, 2015

WP is where it's at!

Last weekend we took our annual trip to Winter Park with the Wood's and once again it did not disappoint! We all took the day off and on Friday, had a leisure morning (which are rare these days) and headed out around nine.

 I hate packing for this trip for several reasons...One, being the weather, you just never know. Some years it's 70, some years it's snowing. This year it was 70. Two, I want to be lounge-y but cute. This year was all about the yoga pants. Three, you never know what adventures might spring up so you have to be wardrobe ready.

We started our trip with an immediate visit to our favorite park...Fun was had. Then we hit the store for SO much food. It seems like all we do is eat and hike. I am totally okay with that!

After the park and shopping we headed back to the condo. The back patio faces the woods so the kids play out there the whole time. Also there are some mischievous chipmunks that come and eat all of the fallen snacks. So they provide ample entertainment. We had such a lazy day! It was much needed after the crazy past few weeks.  There is also a pool, hot tub and big play room to keep the kids busy, so the parents get a little reprieve as well.

Nights were a little rough this year...Kellen was not of fan of sleeping and staying put. Needless to say there was not a lot of resting at bedtime.

We went on an awesome hike! The weather was perfect and beautiful. This year was all about enjoying the sunshine!

I love the smell of leaves and crisp air. Finally fall time!

The chipmunks were just not listening to him!

Fun at the park!

This slide is built into the side of a rock climbing wall. It was a popular favorite with the little this year!

Such a great get away! We can't wait to come back next year!

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