Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bobbing for Punkins

This is going to be a quick one today! So Fall is upon us, well October is upon, so that should feel like fall, right? This is the weekend that I usually get all my fall decor out, but we are going to be in Winter Park with Brien's family, so I have been getting all of the odds and ends this week!

There has been so many fun fall things at the store, I want to buy it all!  For example this weekend I was the grocery store and they had a bag of baby pumpkins for $3, I mean 3 bucks, I couldn't pass that up. Plus,  I know that we won't be hitting the pumpkin patch for a few more weeks, so I bought them.

I had this pin on pinterest that said if you soak pumpkins in a bleach bath for a few hours it "preserves" them and they last longer. I decided, what the heck, it's worth a shot to try to make my gourds last as long as possible.

So on Sunday afternoon, this was the scene in my kitchen...
I filled the sink with cool water, some dish soap and about a cup of bleach. Then, I let them soak for about 2 hours and air dry in the sun.

Now they are here...
So glad I bought this pretty jar! We shall see how long they last and I will report back if the pinterest pin was accurate!!

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