Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

It's finally fall here! The mornings are chilly and the afternoons are crisp so I have been busting out all of fun cool weather clothes. I love my winter wardrobe so much better than my summer clothes!
I was totally in pajamas and yoga pants last week, for fall break, so that doesn't count...but this week and last week definitely counted.

I love how this outfit came together for conferences last week!
Plaid top: Tj maxx
Skirt: Target--you can actually move in this pencil skirt and get in and out of the car!
Heels: Target

I had an epiphany the other day, that I could just take pictures in my class, the light is great during my first period plan time!
Lace top: Forever 21, thrifted
Tanks:??, thrifted
Polka dot pants: Old Navy
Flats: Target
Necklace: Jane
I love this sweater!
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tee: Target
Black pants: Target
Flats: Target (these have been on repeat for weeks!)
Necklace: I made it!

My nesting outfit from the weekend, my best guy had to take a picture with me!
Tee: Gap
Vest: Target
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Target
Dress: Target
Sweater: Loft, thrifted
Tights: Jane
Flats: Target

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