Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week has definitely needed some favorite things to help me get by!! Since school is crazy, home has been such a refuge! I have seriously been sitting in school and thinking,  "just 37 minutes and I can go home and be with my people."
Every night after dinner we have been having this "healthy" dessert. The store has had THE most delicious honey crisp apples! yumm-o, plus the dip is "fat free" so that technically makes it healthy right??

Scandal. This is arguably the best show I have ever watched. I can't stop. I am almost caught up on all the seasons and I am a little sad. I started watching this with Brien and it was too slow for him. But I decided, "let's keep this going", and I am BEYOND glad I did. If this show is any indication of what really happens in politics, I have zero faith in any of our nation's leaders. Everything is so scandalous, the show's title says it ALL!

Harry Potter! I read this whole series as it was coming out in college and after college and now Callie and I are reading it together and it is so great! I think she is a little young for anything past book 3. I texted this picture to my best friend the other day because her favorite thing to say is, "Oh magical me." When I texted her, she said she still says this phrase at least 4 times a day, just for good measure... I love it!

A day off with my girl. We were able to go ice skating last week and it was a blast, but I totally forgot my camera. She has now decided that she wants ice skates for Christmas, I wonder if Santa Claus will bring them for her??

Day light savings=horrible, this facebook post=funny! I don't know why I laughed so hard. I love puns!

Guess what my next crafty pallet project will be?? I love this sign so much and I NEED one for my kitchen. This has been my mantra this week. I don't know what  I would do with out you, coffee??

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