Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Festivities!

 So I am titch late with this post but this year Halloween was quite the production! We really packed in all the fun this weekend.
It all began on Friday evening, after a rockin' time at the middle school Halloween dance (it was a hoot!) I raced home for yummy Chinese food and pumpkin carving...
Callie was  trooper, but her pumpkin was so thick she just could not saw in her owl design!

Kellen was having so much fun, but would NOT touch the guts to save his life!

The children quickly lost interest in carving pumpkins and it became the parental labor of love to complete!

This was the best face I could get out the boy...He was not happy about having to take a picture and smile!

Saturday, the festivities continued! Kellen took a 30 minute nap because he was just so excited to put on his costume and go trick or treating! Brien's mom was able to come out and joined us for supper and came to a few houses with the kiddos! I am so glad that she was able to be there with us!

Some spooky neighbors in my parents neighborhood go out with a haunted pirate ship and trains... Kellen LOVED it! He has been setting this up since I was a kid and the children look forward to it every year.

My shark and mermaid had a blast! The weather was delightful and the kids were just so good! But we had to call it an early night because Brien was called in to work. Also, it seemed that no one was home this fine Halloween evening. Last year, I RAN out of candy! This year we had 10  kids. It was bizarro! Either way we were at home in bed with the porch light off by 8! All in all not quite the candy haul we had hope for, but how much candy do you really need?? I can't wait for next year!

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