Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Don't bite the bullet...wear it!

We have an abundance of ammunition at my home. We like firearms around here. With all the extra stuff, I thought A LONG time ago, we should make something with this!

Alas my brilliant sister in law decided to make some necklace, and I totally copied her. She has amazing ideas, what can I say?

I am serious when I say we could market these Jenn! Etsy is calling our names! 
I accidentally erased the picture that had the materials I used, in a desperate attempt to clear out my photos on my phone so I could take pictures at Callie's birthday party. So you need...

1. Bullet shells
                                      Image result for empty bullet shells
2. Chain to make the necklace--
I accidentally bought necklaces instead of chains, so I just removed the clasps and strung them together to make sure they were long enough
3. Some kind of Crystal--

                                                       Bead Gallery Amber Crystals, Close Up
I found these at Michael's for like $6, but mine were clear, not amber.

First, unstring the beads and find one that will fit in the bullet shell.
Next, I had my dear husband drill holes big enough for the chain to fit through.
Glue the crystal in place in the shell.
String the chain through.
Done, now you have pretty jewelry!
We had to think through some logistics, but this was super easy and under $10. I searched up "bullet shell necklaces" on Etsy and there were some super pretty and elaborate designs, but overall even the most basic ones cost a fortune. 

I just love pulling off being crafty and thrifty!

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