Monday, November 9, 2015

Turning 9 and feeling fine!

This weekend my precious girl turned nine, NINE!! She's totally okay with it, I on the other hand, am not. I don't know why, but this year it just doesn't seem quite possible that I have kept a human child alive for nine years.

This year however, I have stood strong, I have only peeked at her baby pictures and cried a little. I just can't believe what an amazing kiddo God has blessed me with. And to think, that I wanted a boy and was wondering what on earth I would do with a little girl!! That is clearly why God is upstairs running this show!

Callie, I hope one day that you will look back and maybe read this, if they even have the internets in 10 years, and smile. It is such a treat to be your mom and I love you SO very much.

The chaos of nine began the night before your birthday, where we had a marathon baking session after Kellen went to sleep. We made cupcakes for your friends and fruity pebble rice crispy treats.

 Then parting festivities began after a ridiculously crazy Friday at school! I raced home, as Callie's dad was in town and we had to get everything ready for the party! Callie's besties came over around 5 and we headed out to the party place of choice, Dave and Busters. Apparently Chuck E. Cheese is just not cool enough these days, so we had to go to grown up Chuck E. Cheese.

You really haven't lived unless you have taken 5 screaming nine year old to a giant arcade and pumped them full of sugar...

There was much dancing, wandering around and gaming going on! After, we headed back to our house for presents, cupcake decorating and manicures. Again, you have not lived until one of your daughters nine year old friends paints your nails better than the ladies at the nail shop. There were lots of firsts this night y'all! These girls were just precious and they know Callie so well. I was seriously impressed with their behavior and their super thoughtful gifts!

Saturday the fun continued! We were having a low-ish key, just family party. It was SO much better than trying to entertain children and spend time with my family and have an immaculately clean and well decorated party ready house. I didn't even clean that morning. But we take a WHOLE family trip to the store to get snacks and after, that was interesting...

After Kellen went down for a nap later that afternoon, Callie and I had a just mom and Callie shopping spree at target. She had pretty much free reign of the store and she chose the strangest things. We walked outta there with chapstick, nail polish, 2 new dresses, a movie and this fort construction kit. 

Once we were back home we started making some snack-y treats and getting things ready for the party. It was really so much fun and so low maintenance!!

We played and opened presents and ate until we couldn't any more!

That moment when you try to open something with a knife and your husband AND brother have to intervene before some one is injured

Callie's uncle Buck refinished a .22 for her with pink stain. It was SO cute and she keeps asking when she can go try it out!

My sweet girl's cake was even low key--Cookie cake this year! Yay!

The whole family celebrating this sweet girl!
My dear Callie I hope that nine is such a wonderful year for you 

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