Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This crazy daisy week!

This last week has been sort of a hot mess. On Tuesday we had a snow day, such a gift and so desperately needed! I think snow days as a grown up lady teacher are more of a treat than they are for our students. Let's be real, I am missing work, they are missing learning, I win.

We wasted spent a whole day, laying in bed, playing in the snow, and making treats. It was glorious!

Kellen was interested in strictly eating the snow and being carried around to different locations in the yard.

We made snow cream and it was delicious! Recipe here

I finally finished Callie's scarf, now I have to make her leg warmers, so. many. projects.

Later on in the week, it was Brien's birthday. We had a great night out, while grandma Denise watched the kiddos. Getting to date night was quite a fiasco. I had to pick up both kids and drop them off across town, in rush hour traffic, in a blizzard. 2 hours later, We were on our way!

Brien and I had talked about going to the Buckhorn Exchange for ever ago, so I surprised him and made reservations. It is such an interesting place to dine. For starters, it's a wild game restaurant. They have weird things like rattle snake, rocky mountain oysters (which I refused to try) and alligator. It's the oldest restaurant in Denver. It's also the first restaurant to have a liquor license. You really are paying for the atmosphere, but the food was pretty yummy.
I was feeling a little judged, by our dinner audience...

They have a super cool loung-y area upstairs.

Brien ordered buffalo prime rib and I had elk! It was quite tasty!
The rest of the weekend was kind of a whirlwind with our nephew Christian's birthday. He is just 2 months younger than Kellen and those two are so cute together. We had so much fun hanging with the family and watching the kiddos play. I am so thankful that they get to grow up together!

Sunday we spent most of the morning/early afternoon watching the Broncos finally win a game at Rock Bottom Brewery with Brien's family. So not much relaxing this weekend, but lots of fun family time! 

Now we are officially on Thanksgiving break and it hasn't really hit me, that on Thursday we will be feasting and finally decorating/getting ready for Christmas. Well, I am off to bake some delicious pumpkin pies! Recipe here, Bring it on Holidays!

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