Sunday, June 5, 2016

Adventures in Nashville

This summer break has been a wild one already! Friday on the last day of school, I dropped off the goobers with Brien's dad and we had a whole weekend to ourselves. We literally did not know what to do. It was weird. So we did what any good parents with no children would do, we made bacon cheese burgers, watched an episode of Naked and Afraid and went to bed at reasonable hour. So. Boring.

On Saturday we ran errands. Quickly. We had like 5 stops to make and it only took like 2 hours. That's all. 2 Hours. It was glorious! After errands we headed home to pack and clean up the house. Then we had the whole afternoon to sit on the patio and relax.

Sunday morning the adventure began! My mom dropped off us at the airport and we had plenty of time to kill. Then we boarded the smallest airplane known to mankind. It was seriously the same size as the little commuter planes that get you from small towns to big cities.

Ridiculous, but we made it somehow!
Our Hotel was downtown and just a few blocks from all the fun things to do on Broadway. And the hotel smelled like cotton candy and every time you walked past the front desk they had warm chocolate chip cookies. Dangerous, I tell you!
Thanks, Double Tree, Nashville for a great stay!
That evening we grabbed some dinner at Dick's Last Resort. It is the worst dining experience ever. I am not sure why people would want to pay to be insulted and have waiters throw napkins at you, but whatever. We laughed a lot. After supper we headed to an awesome bar called The Swinging Door. We spent most of our time here, as it is right off Broadway, a little more quiet and they have AH-mazing musicians singing!
Monday, Nashville was much more quiet. We took the morning to do some tourist-y stuff and hit up the shops and The Ryman. It was awesome to learn the history of the original Grand Ol' Opry!

After wandering around town all day, Brien and I got some bad news on the home front. My uncle's health took a turn for the worse and he passed away very suddenly. I wished we had been home to love on our family. Thankfully we were with great friends who made a tough day bearable by toasting cheers and requesting songs for Uncle Chip. Now that we have been home a few days it has been great to see my family band together and take care of each other, my aunt is seriously one of the toughest ladies I know! 

Tuesday, we hit up the shops and got matching tee shirts, found these really cool guitar string bracelets and presents for our kids! 

Then we hit up Jason Aldean's place, Crazy Town, for some Music, food and drinks. The lead singer of the band that was playing from from Colorado so we had to see that through! Then we topped off the night at, that's right, the Swinging Door. The guy that was playing when we walked in was my favorite! Here's why...For the first time, ever in history, my husband danced with me in public.  Win. 

The next morning, the gang went to the Grand Ol' Opry Museum and I stayed behind to do my interview. It went much better than the first time! But still not a solid word from HR. So that wait continues. 

We headed back on Wednesday, on a real plane, I might add, and I was ready. Ready, for my own bed and to love on my sweet babies. Their little, smiling faces were waiting at the airport when we got in. It was oh, so sweet to get away for a minute, but there is no place like home!

Today has been a regroup, unpack and clean and get geared up for VBS. More on that next week! Thank God for summer break!

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