Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Letter writing!

I just love some thoughtfulness! Callie is probably the sweetest girl when it comes to doing kind things for others and I just love it!
Last week for thoughtful Thursday we did 2 nice things!
While we were out on our morning stroll, Callie found some chalk in the stroller and she decided to write encouraging messages and pictures on the sidewalk for other kids visiting the park! How cute it that, y'all?!?
One said, "You are awesome!" and the other said, "Have a great day!"

Then when we got home she decided she wanted to write letters for soldiers. I did a little research and found tons of resources! Some of them are very confusing! One was fairly straightforward, it's . You just click on send a letter and follow the instructions. There are even sample letters and ideas. It also gives an address where you can send the letters for processing. What a cool ministry! The website also ask for a $1 donation to include with your letter for postage, which Callie actually pulled out of her own piggy bank. Without complaining. That's my girl!

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