Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to school!

We have been in the swing for a little over a week now and finding my groove has been haaarrdd! I don't know why it took me forever to get my room set up?! I thought I would be quick and easy and here we are 7 days in and it's still not done!! I know, right??!!

I really wish I would have worked smarter not harder and just bought some pre-made classroom stuff at the store instead of trying to make everything myself. Brien kept saying,"work smarter, not harder." and I should have just listened to him. What I thought I was saving in money I was hemorrhaging in time!

I doesn't look like this any more, but the struggle was real to get it looking good!!

So, the finished product will be revealed this week. Maybe. I still have to my social studies/science wall and get my desk stuff organized! Who knows really!

So many millions of things to organize...

I also wrote post cards to all my precious kiddos and sent them in the mail the week before school started!

Testing day presents for my sweet peanuts! They were so excited to get a treat!

My precious family helping me cut all of my laminated stuff for the walls in my room! This would have taken me HOURS!! I am so grateful for their help!!

So. Much. Cutting.

My wonderful mom took Callie supply shopping so I could work last Sunday. Again, what would I do without them?!?

Annddd the first day traditions continue! Callie is adjusting well to her new school. I definitely think there are some things that she missed majorly, but she is already making new friends and great impressions on her teachers and my colleagues!

We are off to a great start and I am so crazy excited for what this school year hold! Bring it on 2016-2017!!

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