Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping with the Wood's!

So adventures in camping commenced a few weeks ago and it was a blast! A little known secret about me...I love to let loose in nature and be outdoors and filthy. It goes against everything I am usually about, but every now and then in the great outdoors, it is totally acceptable to get a little dirty. In the words of my precious daughter, "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt!"

So the Wood's took off for camping waaaayyy to early one Friday morning a few weeks ago. It was a little bit of a bummer as it was just Kellen, Brien and I, because Callie was in Texas visiting her grandparents, she adores camping and being dirty even more than I do!

 We skipped all the terrible city traffic and met up with the Nashville crew just outside of Breckenridge. We took a long, windy and beautiful drive up through Leadville, to a place I have NEVER been before, Camp Hale. Apparently it was an old army training camp, back in the day and now it's a camp ground.

Clean, fresh and ready for an adventure!

I have several thoughts about camping these day... One--It has become super trendy to go camping on the weekends in CO, so the traffic is terrible and there are usually SO many people! It's the "cool" thing to do, nowadays, I guess.
Two--People with RV'S, I am sorry, it's just quite real camping. I get that you want your creature comforts and I am little jealous that you have a place to pee and wash your hands, but come on people, that's not camping!
Three--I don't like "camp grounds" huge groups of people right next to each other, no thank you. I came camping to get away from people!

Anywho, we arrived at the camp and there were all these weird signs blocking off areas because of asbestos. Huh? So our little party of campers disbanded and the boys went to find a suitable place to set up shop and the girls waited at the entrance of the camp in camping chairs for them to come back. It was pretty hilarious....
Our men returned triumphantly to declare that they had found the greatest spot, far away from people and big enough that we could all fit. Bingo! 
We all headed to our campsite and began setting everything up. My dear sweet boy was already disgusting from digging in the campfire ring for old bullet shells. Apparently our campsite was a hunting ground as well!

He looked like a coal miner for most of the trip and didn't even care! Neither did I, really. I just wiped his hands before meals and before bed. Since I had to sleep next to him, I didn't want to end up looking like a coal miner too!

The rest of the trip was spent snacking, hanging out, playing in the river and riding the 4 wheelers. It was seriously SO fun. There is just something about being outside, in the mountains having fun!

Some things that we bring camping with us are... Baby wipes, 'cause lets be real. You get gross. GermX or antibacterial goo. Peeing outside, enough said.
We always bring head lamps, to get around at night and not have to worry about a flashlight or lantern. This year we brought a fire starter. It was due to our latest obsession with Naked and Afraid, We were successful, just for the record. We also brought Kellen's big dump truck. This kept him super busy hauling dirt, bullet shells, fire wood and random leaves and branches. We also always bring the air mattress and we inherited some great cots that the kids love sleeping on so everyone is cozy and off the ground. 

Overall our camping trip was a pretty awesome time! We beat the rain, beat the traffic and had a glorious weekend away in the beautiful mountains. Score for camping!!

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