Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thrifty Finds This Month

Last weekend I took a little break from working and Callie and I had a girls day, went thrifting, got ice cream, hit up the dolla store. It was a regular money saving kind of day, except that we were spending money...

I found some amazing things this trip and I probably would have come home with more except there were some things that didn't fit quite right!

On to the fun...
Yellow top: Forever 21-- $3.99

Top: Forever 21-- $3.99

Gingham top: No idea what where this brand comes from $5.99

New Chambray!! Mine is looking a little shabby! Loft $5.99

Stripy dress, because who doesn't need a cute stripy dress? Old Navy--$6.99

Top: Forever 21--I think it was $4.99

Dress: Old Navy-- $6.99

Skirt: Anne Taylor-- $4.99

Sweater dress! I can't wait to wear this with leggings! Old Navy-- $5.99

Red pants! I was so excited to find these in my size!! Banana Republic $5.99

Mint green khakis: Gap-- $6.99 I already have a pair of mint green pants but they are made of corduroy and are super hot, so these will work great for fall and spring! 

I also found Callie a bunch of dresses and skirts that she is so excited about, but I forgot to take pictures of them and now they are buried in the laundry. 

Another great score for the last trip of the summer!!

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