Saturday, August 13, 2016


Well another summer is in the books! We are officially back to school and kind of in the swing of things, almost. I am not gonna lie, I am exhausted squared. I guess I didn't remember how time consuming and busy the life of an elementary teacher is! I know I will get the hang of things and I know everything will settle down, but for now, I have a to-do list as long as my arm, my classroom is still not all the way set up, back to school night is on Thursday, I have stacks of assessments to score, the only day I didn't work 14 hours was because I was at the dentist on Thursday, but I did it! I survived my first week and lived to tell!

Back to summer...The last few weeks were just delightful and I made sure to really enjoy them and not work on school stuff, that would come all too soon!

We did some super awesome fun stuff!

We hit up the splash park!

We played at home. A. Lot.

Callie and I had a girls day that included a tour of the Molly Brown house and a shopping trip!

We went the musical Beautiful with Callie's Meme! It was so fun!!!
Then my sweet girl was off the Texas with her grandparents for the next 2 weeks to finish off the break! Kellen and I had a blast together finished off our break!
He made himself cozy in the cart at Ikea while I shopped for stuff for my classroom! I found a lot of treasures!
He and I played outside most of the rest of the days and it was glorious! Hot. but glorious!

Callie came home last weekend and it was the sweetest reunion you ever did see...  
And we hit up the museum with my family and it was awesome!

Summer 2016 was so fun, but it hit me the other day, that I will never get back to this time, these ages and these experiences with my kiddos. It always makes me so grateful for a job where I can have off with my babies for 3 months a year! Good bye, summer!

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