Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthday weekend...

This year was maybe birthday perfection...I mean turning 29 is a pretty big deal! (hahahaha)
My big day fell on a Sunday so really it was a birthday weekend!

We had big plans to go camping, but the weather was supposed to be rainy and the night time low was like 35, so I chickened out a little and we ended up just spending the day in the mountains.

We drove a pretty short way up to Morrison and hiked Lair O' The Bear. We did not see any bears, but it was pretty magical!

Batman was there too...

The weather was crisp and cool and perfect, but warm in the sun. The kids had a blast running through the woods, climbing on things and splashing in the creek. Perfection! Plus Kellen hiked the entire thing and did not ask to be carried once, win!

After our hike we had a late lunch at the Morrison Inn, this super cool Mexican restaurant in town. They have an amazing roof top deck and we had yummy food and margaritas and listened to love music. It was a little bit of a flashback to Nashville, but with the kids!

Later that night we busted out the fire pit, per my request, and made smores!! 

Sunday morning was a special treat, Callie made us breakfast in bed! This girl can cook!
The rest of the day was spent hanging out and barbecuing with my sweet family! Such a wonderful birthday weekend!!

All my favorite chicks were there, minus a few!

Brien attempted to spread out my candles in an effort to stifle my wish. Ha! I had Kellen and Callie's help!

And these pics of my pretty much sum up our relationship! She is SO fun!!
Thanks for birthing me mom!

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