Thursday, June 23, 2016

Potions Master

This week on a ridiculously hot day we held Harry Potter potions class right here in the Wood kitchen.  Kellen was taking a nap and Callie and I had some time to kill and with her obsession with all things HP, this was a great way to fill an afternoon!

So here are the materials:
Wolf's Bane: Hydrogen peroxide

Crushed dragon bones: Baking soda

Basilisk Venom: Vinegar

Worm guts: dish soap

Dragon's blood: red food coloring

Gillyweed:  dried spices

Unicorn horn powder: glitter

Mandrake root: pretzels

Dream fluid: yeast

Eyeball of a bind cat: blueberries

Just by the way, these are NOT for eating and they smell awful!
First up we tried our hand at Veritserum (truth potion)...
You need:
2 pieces of mandrake root (pretzels)
1 cup of basilisk venom (vinegar)
2 drops of dragon blood (food coloring)
a pinch of gillyweed (spices)
Blind cat eyes (blueberries--the number of Harry Potter books you have read, we added 4)
1 squirt of worm guts (dish soap)
2 shakes of unicorn horn powder (glitter)
3 scoops of crushed dragon's bones (baking powder)
Combine in a large bowl and stir, stir, stir!

The more we stirred, the bigger the reaction! It was super cool! The potion actually dissolved our pretzels. Oops, I mean mandrake root.
The next potion was polyjuice potion (you know, for transforming into another person for an hour)
Clean your cauldron and add:
1/2 cup of wolfsbane (hydrogen peroxide)
1 squirt of worm guts (dish soap)
4 drops of dragon blood (food coloring)
3 tablespoons of dream fluid (yeast, we could only scrounge up 2 tablespoons and the reaction worked just fine)
Stir some more...
The reaction was super similar: foamy mess. But this potion smelled TERRIBLE!

So overall potions class was a ragin' success! I wish there were more recipes out there. I might have to do some additional research! I however cannot take ANY credit for the recipes. I actually found them among the geniuses on Pinterest! 

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