Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adventures in East Texas

This year for Christmas, we took our show on the road and headed to see Callie's grandparents in Texas.

Way back when we were planning this shenanigans, we looked at flights and they were SO expensive. For 4 people to get to Texas was far more than we wanted to spend. I mean it was either fly or no presents, so road trippin' it was!
For 2 kiddos to be in the car for 15 hours across the country, I think we did pretty well! I am not winning any mom of the year awards for nutritious snacks or educational entertainment, but we made it and everyone was surprisingly good!

Our first leg was to Kansas and we left around dinner time in the dark.
Glow stick magic kept my nuggets pretty entertained! 
We finally made it to the hotel, we swam, we ate, we crashed! We had some big plans to leave super early in the morning, but thanks to free food our kids decided it was time for  6 course breakfast before we could get back on the road!
Thankfully we had amazing weather and lots to look at  and look for! Interstate bingo kept us quite entertained, although, I got beat twice!
Thanks Grandma Denise for keeping us busy!
And when nothing could keep them busy, we busted out the DVD player and watched a few movies just to get us through! Thanks Aunt Carol for being a life saver and lending us the DVD player!

We finally made it and what is the first thing my kids do, why put on cowboy hats and head to the woods of course!

We had such a fun trip and it was a blast to catch up with the Sharp side of the family! Callie's grandparents have a super fun house on the Sabine River, not too far from their house. We spent most almost every day of our 6 day trip, riding 4 wheelers, shooting guns and playing out in the forest!
My little city kids, sure were country bumpkins this week! 

We had a blast at Miss Nancy's ranch and playing with her horses and donkeys!

Callie's Grandparents also have super dense expansive woods surrounding their house we had to take a Christmas day hike and explore!

Looks terrifying right? 10 years old driving ATV's through the woods at top speeds... you would be correct and her dad will be the one to teacher her how to drive a real car!

I think it's safe to say that her gun and boots are broken in now!
It was a little tough, okay a lot tough to be away from our Colorado families on Christmas and it was like 77 degrees with 100% humidity on Christmas day, so not quite a winter wonderland. But, it was fun to share our kiddos with our Texas family and have some fun in the south. I am hoping that 2017 will be filled with lots of fun new adventures to new and exciting places! I can't wait to see what will come our way!

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